Cilantro Lime Rice

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I was talking with a few friends over coffee the other day and we all came to the same conclusion; there was one thing we all need, a little more time during the day to get our stuff done.

Every evening I make a list of things “to- do” that I would like to accomplish the next day;  Along with the normal everyday to-do items, like sweep the floor, dust (a couple of us have asthma so this is a daily), and make dinner.  These chores take up so much time, but the one that takes up the most time is dinner.

What’s for dinner?  Just the sound of that question makes my skin crawl (OK that was a little dramatic, but really).  It is the one thing that takes up more time than anything else during my day.

Until now…The kind people at Avalon Bay gifted me their Multi-Function Pressure Cooker to try out.  Have you ever used a pressure cooker?  I love the thought of a kitchen appliance whose motto is “set it and forget it”.  Once you have decided what to make, place all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, with the push of a button and less time than the food would normally take…Dinner is served!

The Avalon Bay Pressure Cooker is not your average run of the mill pressure cooker.  It takes the place of several kitchen appliances.  Not only is it a pressure cooker, it also can sear, stream, and slow cook!  You can prepare everything from rice to yogurt.  I like that there is an on/off switch. Some pressure cookers turn on when you plug it in and turn off when you unplug the appliance.  It also has a built in timer for auto shut off.

Cilantro Lime Rice

{the PH:08 means the Pressure Cooker is in re-heat mode}

Cilantro Lime Rice in the pressure cooker

Your Avalon Bay Multi Function Pressure Cooker will come with a measuring cup, a ladle {this item is super handy}, a steamer rack, and a instruction booklet with a ton of recipes.

I couldn’t wait to play with my new toy!  In the coming weeks I will be sharing a few of my favorite receipes with you.  But, today I will start with an easy one, cliantro lime rice.

Cilantro Lime Rice

Check out how simple it is to make cilantro lime rice…


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